2009 - 2010 Grant Results


F.A.S.T. Reading ($25,000)

Foundations of Analysis, Synthesis and Translation Reading is a literacy intervention program that features a fun, flexible, fast-paced approach that is highly effective with beginning and struggling readers. The grant provided further teacher training, and the purchase of additional classroom materials.

Conceptual Physics Lab Equipment for Middle Schools ($16,650)

New lab kits for a more “hands-on” approach are part of the revised eighth grade science physics curriculum. They enhance student understanding of physics through experiment and hypothesis.  

Homework Club/After School Academic Assistance for Middle Schools ($6300)

Supports the daily curriculum. Students are able to work with teachers to assist them individually with core subjects for a better understanding and mastery of the material in an open learning environment. 

Social Studies Bin Supplies for all Second Grade Classes ($1532)

Replacement of necessary materials across the district through this grant helps effectively teach all the social studies lessons. Through this sensory teaching many different learning styles (auditory, visual and tactile) are touched upon, and therefore many different student learning needs are met. 

Cross Curricular, Art Connections for Elementary Schools ($2,119)

The program provides materials to close the gap between the art room and the classroom.  It provides for the integration of art into teaching social studies, math, language arts, reading and science which is vital in reaching the visual learner as well as reinforces information to the non visual learner.  It allows the art teachers instructional integration of materials in all elementary content areas.


Music in Math for 4th Grade and ERC Teachers ($2,100)

This program is an expansion of the current program for students in K through 3rd Grade.  It was used to purchase additional Math to Music CD’s for the 4th Grade teachers and ERC teachers.  The ERC teachers support struggling learners’ at all elementary grade levels. 


Benchmark Assessments for Full Option Science System (FOSS) Kits for 4th and 5th Grades ($1,696)

The kits are designed to follow a constructivist approach to learning science.  The lab-based assessments provide immediate feedback to students and allow teachers to identify misconceptions so they can re-teach material before moving on.  Classroom instruction will improve by providing teachers immediate information on student mastery of lab skills and concepts.  They will also assist with differentiating student work.  Students who show mastery may be given more complex or extended assignments, while those students who need to continue to work on the benchmark may do so.

Enhancing Economic Literacy in Elementary Schools ($17,786, provided over two years)

The program allows for elementary students to have experiences in economic thinking and decision making.  The program provides teachers with a three-fold approach to teaching economic concepts; using technology, simulations, and literacy to create learning experiences.  At each grade level students learn and develop an understanding of economic concepts through practical examples.  They distinguish between producers and consumers and examine ways in which their families consume goods and services.

Diverse Differentiated Materials for Literacy Library ($480)

The program allowed Poupard to purchase books at all elementary levels.  It allows teachers to check out leveled books and to teach reading in small groups at the student’s ability level.  It allows teachers to differentiate and raise reading skills and instill a love of reading.

Books for Summer Reading ($3,040)

The program funded the purchase of two (2) books for every student at Poupard.  It helped maintain and enhance the student’s interest in reading.  The students were able to select their own books which promoted a greater desire to read over the summer.  It also provided a catalyst for many students to stretch their reading limits and not lose ground over the summer.

Read Across America / National Junior Honor Society ($498)

Read Across America is an annual reading motivation and awareness program that calls for every child in every community to celebrate reading on March 2nd.  This program purchased books the Pierce NJHS students read to elementary school children on March 2nd.  It is hoped that every year when the students read these books that it will light the fires in the minds of the younger students and turn them into life long readers.

Easy Access to Writing Success for Middle Schools ($8,850)

Improvement of student writing has been and remains a key goal for every school in the Grosse Pointe School District.  With the changes in state testing, an increase in support and implementation for student writing is needed.  Although the Grosse Pointe Public Schools scored above the state average and like school districts, the one area we need to continue to concentrate on is writing.  This program is computer based and helps to increase the amount of writing students are doing and will provide them immediate feedback.  It also allows teachers to conference with students to assist them to set goals and gauge their progress. Something that is not easy to achieve without the support of this program.

Challenge Day at Grosse Pointe South ($3,500)

The award winning daylong experiential workshops are designed to show what’s possible by tearing down the walls of separation.  The program inspires students to create an environment of compassion, acceptance, respect, and to truly “Be the Change they wish to see in the World”.  This program has previously been held at Grosse Pointe North and was expanded to include Grosse Pointe South.

Struggling Learner Summer Transition Camp for High Schools ($3,300)

This is an extension of the Freshman Academic Success Team model developed by Grosse Pointe North.  The program is a team approach to working with incoming freshman who are struggling learners.  It focuses on academic preparation, study and organizational skills, and relationships building as the students are preparing to enter high school.

Elementary Grade Level Leaders ($2,400)

The program allowed for a “Train the Trainer Approach” in identifying and training elementary school teacher leaders.  It provided the opportunity for elementary grade level leaders, in all four content areas and all six grades, to meet and work with each other and with the curriculum specialists.  It allowed the teacher leaders to form a plan that they took back to each of their schools to implement.  All the plans are targeted toward integration of curriculum, higher order thinking skills and differentiation.