2010-2011 Grant Results

Elementary Homework Club ($18,000)

Students work with GPPSS teachers who assist them individually on core subject matter for a better understanding of the material in an open learning environment.

Special Education Work Experience at Full Circle ($2,550)

This specialized job training experience for special education students age 18-26 provides critical transition skills. Through the "Fluff & Fold" program students not only practice life and job skills, but provide a needed service for area businesses and enhance the district's community partnership. Funds purchased a commercial quality washer and dryer.

Leadership Enrichment Course ($1,875)

High quality, ongoing staff development is critical to the continued excellence of our schools. This program mentors "Aspiring Leaders" within the district.

No More Bullying ($1,500)

Created under the umbrella of the district-wide Positive Behavior Support Program, this grant initiative provided funding at all three middle schools in support of their efforts to discuss, define and eliminate bullying at their schools.

Physics Regatta ($1,150)

Through a fun, cardboard boat regatta, North students participated in a project-based learning opportunity that fostered innovation and teamwork while learning about mass, volume, density, force, displacement, energy transfer and motion.

Safety Town Smoke Machine ($750)

Safety Town is a long standing tradition for entering kindergarten and first graders to learn about fire, weather, electrical, strangers, playground, animal, water, vehicle safety and more. Through partnerships with the school system and local municipalities' fire and police departments. After decades of use, the smoke machine had to be replaced as it is a critical component of the fire safety lesson.

Handwriting Without Tears ($750)

Learning through play, "Handwriting without Tears" enhances the preschool's reading and writing program, better preparing students for success in kindergarten while still being fun and engaging.

Race to Nowhere ($500)

Though a partnership with GPPSS, The Family Center of Grosse Pointe & Harper Woods and other local organizations, GPFPE underwrote the licensing fee to bring this award winning film to Grosse Pointe. The film discusses the pressures placed on today's students and begins a local dialogue on how we as a community intend to address the issue. 

Continuing Grant Projects

Conceptual Physics Lab Equipment for Middle Schools ($18,857)

New lab kits for a more "hands-on" approach are part of the revised eighth grade science physics curriculum. They enhance student understanding of physics through experiment and hypothesis.

 F.A.S.T. Reading and F.A.S.T Spelling ($8,954)

Foundations of Analysis, Synthesis and Translation Reading is a literacy intervention program that features a fun, flexible, fast paced approach that is highly effective with beginning and struggling readers. GPFPE supported $46,000 in further teacher training and additional classroom materials from funds allocated preciously to the district. A new GPFPE grant funded F.A.S.T. Spelling training and materials.

FIRST Robotics - GEARHEADS ($5,000)

This combined North and South team provides real-world experience in not only engineering through participation in the FIRST Robotics competition, but more specifically physics, mathematics, computer-aided design, computer programming, graphic design, computer animation, written and oral presentation, web design, metal fabrication and carpentry. Our society needs engaged, highly trained, motivated engineers and scientists and this program celebrates and cultivates the development of those leaders and critical thinkers.   

Challenge Day ($3,700)

These award winning workshops inspire high school students to create an environment of compassion, acceptance, and respect, and to truly "Be the Change they wish to see in the world."

Elementary Foreign Language Supplies ($1,350)

At a dollar per student impacted, these replacement and additional materials enhance the foreign instruction that begins in our elementary schools and culminates in six world language offerings at the high school level.