2011-2012 Grant Results

Middle School Library Multi Media Center ($10,200)

A program to facilitate the use of new technology by teachers and students in the  middle schools and make the library curriculum more interactive.

Working Together Wirelessly ($5,000)

Partially fund the purchase of 15 net books for collaborative projects and independent student learning activities in the fourth grade classroom of Susan Howey at Trombly School.

Grosse Pointe North TV Production ($2,700)

Purchased one additional high definition camera to complete their equipment update and make the equipment at North and South more equitable.

Middle School Cyber Bullying ($2,100)

Activities at each of the three middle schools to fund character education activities which promote appropriate respect and responsible behavior. As a result of this gift, Parcells, Pierce and Brownell Middle Schools will be able to expand their initiatives in this important area.

Gearheads Robotic Team ($5,000)

North and South students join forces to design, build and debug a robot to compete in a state competition in robotics. It gives student an opportunity to see real-life applications for the science, math, communication and critical thinking skills they learn in the classroom and augment those lessons with hands-on experience.

Smart Response XE Clickers ($2,849)

This advance clicker will allow Grosse Pointe South students the ability to give open response answers, like equations and scientific measurements, and receive instant feedback. Results from this pilot will guide future technology decisions for upper level math and science classrooms.

FAST Spelling Pilot Study ($4,250)

The district currently uses FAST Reading instructional materials and is now piloting the new FAST spelling program. This program is multisensory: using phonetics and other strategies to teach spelling, sound awareness, symbol imagery, letter patterns and the importance of word meanings.

One School, One Book ($760)

Poupard Elementary School grant helped underwrite this school-wide program which will provide each Poupard student with a copy of the book selected and staff with a series of activities to use as all students and families read the book together.

Full Circle Upscale Resale Shop ($1,211)

Helped with expansion and support of the store's activities by funding the purchase of additional clothing and display racks, software and a printer. Full Circle provides real world work experience for special education students transitioning out of our secondary educational program.

Directed Gift forTATTUM (formerly FAST)Reading – Gifts by the Edward T. and Ellen K. Dryer Charitable Foundation and other donors exceeding $30,000 has been approved by the Foundation Board for the purchase of additional Tattum Reading professional development training and materials.