2012-2013 Grant Results

Grosse Pointe South Solar Car Team – GP South High School ($3,000)

This GP South student run team hopes to cooperatively design and build a solar car to be raced in the 2013 Dell-Winston School Solar Car Challenge.  One goal of this team is to provide an outlet for all young, interested engineers.  Each team member will come away with a much better understanding of mechanics and a greatly refined set of problem solving and innovative skills.

Recognized American School Counseling Association Model Program (RAMP) - Brownell, Parcells and Pierce Middle Schools ($2,000)

This is a 3 year comprehensive program for middle school counselors that will directly impact the culture of the classroom and the success of instruction.  Through this program our middle school guidance counselors will become more efficient and effective.   RAMP will also create a collaborative culture though public and private partnerships with the community.

Enhancement of Instruction for all Writing in the Classroom – Maire Elementary ($600)

Read Q Speak Q is a computer software program that will allow students that struggle with writing to learn to write more fluently.  This software program will be used in Ms. Pearson’s 4th grade classroom at Maire as a pilot.  It will assist with writing, spelling and word selection as well as editing and revising.

Netbooks for Poupard Elementary ($30,000)

Netbooks are wireless computers that are widely used in educational classrooms across the country.  These small laptop computers will help the 4th and 5th grade students of Poupard Elementary strengthen differentiated instruction and give their students the knowledge of technology that they might not get otherwise.  Poupard, being a Title I/ Focus school, will use the technological support to engage and motivate students.  Statistics have shown that at-risk schools using Netbooks are closing their achievement gaps.

Wireless Internet and Student Netbooks - Ferry Elementary ($7,000)

This grant request is for wireless learning with Netbooks for the 4/5 magnet students at Ferry Elementary.  Students will each have their own Netbook to use for research, daily writing, lab reports, online quizzes, assessments plus much more.  Netbooks will be integrated into all academic subject areas as a catalyst for higher learning and deeper connections.

ilearn with iPads - Defer Elementary ($7,000)

This grant is also for wireless learning but in the 4/5 Magnet program at Defer with iPad2s.  The use of iPad2s in the classroom as an educational device will prepare our students to be college and career ready and lifelong learners.  Careful training of each student with the equipment will be mandatory as well as teacher modeling on the SMART board to enhance instruction, assessment and differentiation.  iPad applications have already been identified to increase motivation and achievement in the Magnet program for many years to come. 

Elementary School Homework Club - Defer, Ferry, Mason, Poupard and Trombly Elementary Schools ($19,968)

This grant is for the continuation of the existing Homework Club after school program for all five of our Title I elementary schools.  Homework Club supports the daily curriculum by supplying systematic reinforcement of skills covered during the school day.  Students that are identified as having the greatest need will be personally invited to attend and there will be a home-school communication component to keep families informed of progress.

Raz Readers for District Elementary Schools ($30,000)

Raz Readers is a complementary reading project that will allow Kindergarten through third grade as well as Resource Room students the unique opportunity to develop their individualized reading skills through “hands on” practice with award winning innovative technology.  Each student will receive a log-in and password access to their “just  right” reading level books plus follow-up work on the computer to be used at both school and home.  These two grants have been expanded to cover all nine elementary schools and we thank the above teachers for initiating this effort.

Technology in the 21st Century – Maire Elementary ($12,089.40)

Netbook laptop computers and 2 recharging storage carts to provide 2nd and 3rd grade access to wireless learning on a daily basis.  This will aid in true differentiated instruction and enhance curriculum.

Wireless Community - Maire Elementary ($6,884)

iPad2 tablets and recharging storage cart for 4th grade wireless learning in the classroom. This will be used as a pilot program for similar classrooms around the district and ignite an excitement for active learning and differentiation.

217 Digital Design Lab - GP South High School ($9,848)

In partnership with the South Art Department booster club, this grant will complete a full digital art lab for students in grades 9 to 12 which will provide art students full-class access to contemporary media to prepare them for various careers in this digital age.

Tablets for First Graders - Defer Elementary ($2,800)

Google Nexus tablets and docking station to provide first graders with an educational opportunity that will motivate and enrich academic learning.  Having tablets available to students will allow for versatility and cater to individual needs in the classroom.

Voice, Choice and Change Defer Elementary ($7,977.60)

Google Nexus tablets and docking station for third graders to increase individual student performance and differentiate curricular content.  This grant for third graders will value their voice, allow for choice and see and be the change.

Students Working TogetherDefer Elementary ($6,300)

Google Nexus tablets and docking station for 4th graders to enhance their life experiences and increase their knowledge.  With the wide variety of resources available online, the students can virtually be the masters of their own learning.

Tech Integration in ELA – Pierce Middle School ($15,000)

iPads with applications and charging cart to enhance instruction by fostering an environment in which technology is an integral part of how we learn and communicate.  This grant will allow students to connect their literacy outside of school with their literacy at school as well as build their understanding of being part of today’s digital society.

iPad Ignite Innovative Learning - Mason Elementary ($8,000)

iPads for the whole school to share.  This grant will utilize the iPads for student activities to introduce, present, extend and assess learning in all academic subject areas.  Students will have more opportunities for project based learning with an integrated thematic approach to instruction.

Expository Reading Books (F.A.S.T.) – District ($1,237)

This grant is for a series of informational texts designed for first and second graders to help support our students become proficient readers.  These expository (FAST-Tattum) reading books will expand our narrative FAST library to non-fiction as well as fiction.  Reading specialists around the entire district will be using these texts.

iPads for Intervention/Differentiation – Montieth Elementary ($3,456)

iPads2 tablets and case for Kindergarteners to use one on one or in small groups for extra practice and centers.  This will allow for more independence in the centers and for individualized intervention/differentiation with assistance.  iPads are fun, motivational tools that many children are already familiar with and those that are not familiar, will gain new exposure.

Broadcast Journalism - Cameras Pierce Middle School ($839.97)

Canon vixia cameras for the middle school Broadcast Journalism classes to provide students with a hand-on, workshop based class that promotes creativity, knowledge of technology, teamwork and responsibility.  These cameras are high definition and use touch screen.  This will increase productivity in the classroom replacing broken, incompatible, older cameras

Freshmen Assist & Leadership – GP North High School ($2,000)

The Freshman Assist program provides a multi-faceted support system for North’s most struggling learners.  This program keeps class sizes small and integrates a mentoring program with peer role models.  The grant will pay for mentor training, summer “Step Up” camp for incoming freshmen and various experiential learning opportunities.

Multi -Sensory Environment – GP North High School ($13,065)

In partnership with the Hidden Angel Foundation, this grant will complete a multi-sensory environment for the special education students with cognitive impairments and Autism in grades 9 to 12.  Having this interactive classroom will reduce students’ stress and behavioral issues and thus allow more time for working towards IEP goals.

Digital Seminar Cloud Mobility – GP North High School ($6,000)

Google Chromebooks and recharging cart to be used as the main tools to teach students to be effective and responsible users of cloud-based technology resources including collaboration tools, online presentation tools and electronic research sources.  These tablets will be used to teach an elective class entitled “Digital Seminar” where the class will be entirely cloud-based and paperless.  (Michael Spears & Kate Murray)

Skype for the Classroom – GP North and GP South High Schools ($500)

Both high schools are to benefit from two telyHD Skype Webcams, one for each Television Production teacher.  This will connect students to professionals and experiences from around the globe.  By the use of Skype camera, this grant will be providing a conduit to the world for these students.

iPad2 for Special Ed - District ($6,380)

iPad2 tablets with smart cases to help our students access the general education curriculum utilizing the most current technology.  This will expand the special education teachers’ ability to instruct, record, reward and motivate their students.  This is another interactive way to introduce and reinforce concepts for struggling learners.

FISH! Philosophy – Kerby Elementary ($4,507.85)

With funding from the GPFPE, Kerby 2nd grade experienced the pilot “FISH! Philosophy” this past school year with tremendous success.  Now, the whole school has chosen to expand the program and use its concepts school wide with the funds from this grant.  This philosophy is designed to help students help the teacher to build a more respectful, focused and fun learning environment.

5th Grade Laptops – Kerby Elementary ($3,450)

Netbook laptops for 5th graders to provide 21st century learning experiences of writing and creating presentations.  Students can work at their individual pace on these devices and can respond in writing across all curricular areas.