2013-2014 Grant Results

Multi-Sensory Environment - Brownell and Pierce Middle Schools ($6,100)

Multi-sensory environments for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders to provide sensory opportunities to increase student attention, interaction and production.  This grant includes a vibro-tactile corner for Brownell and a specially designed body pillow for Pierce. Both schools will also get an Apple iTouch to play music to add to the sensory areas.

Developmental Learning Backpacks - Barnes Early Childhood Center ($1,598)

A developmental lending library of backpacks for educational toys and other items to address the unique needs of children with disabilities.  This home-school connection is vital for our youngest learners to reach critical benchmarks in early learning. 

Increasing Independence within LRE - Brownell, Parcells, Pierce Middle Schools and GP North and GP South High Schools ($3,000)

Ten individual Netbooks for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  These wireless laptops will help these students with organizational, fine motor, expressive/receptive language and social skill challenges as well as foster independence.

“C3” Community, Cooking & Crafts - GP South Community Campus ($1,000)

A convection oven for a business named “C3” where special needs students make and sell products like chocolate dipped pretzels.  This program will give special needs students an understanding of real life math and business skills as well as vocational experience.  

Teacher iPads for Instructional Support – Kerby Elementary ($2,669)

Three iPad2s and three Apple TVs with appropriate accessories for the 5th grade teachers. By connecting their SmartBoard to the Apple TV and controlling it with the iPad2, these 3 teachers will be able to teach whole and small group lessons and use educational applications to pilot for the district.

Facilitating FAST Phonics and Fluency - All 9 Elementary Schools ($5,630)

Ten iPads and cases for the 10 elementary district reading specialists with $25 iTunes cards to buy the appropriate applications to make learning more interesting for hard to motivate students.  They will use these tablets to improve student accuracy, comprehension and fluency in reading.

iPads in the Third Grade Classroom – Richard Elementary ($3,500)

Five iPads with cases and applications for small group and cooperative learning in the 3rd grade classroom to pilot for other classrooms.  Students will become literate technology users and more engaged learners with the use of these iPads.

The Leader in Me Trombly Elementary ($990)

This Stephen Covey program embraces and teaches children personal leadership skills in a strategic and systematic manner to enhance student growth and promote a positive school climate.  Students involved in two grade levels will pilot this program at Trombly with the purchase of “The Leader in Me” teacher manuals, student activity books and web materials.

Integrating 21st Century Skills through Technology - Trombly Elementary ($3,341)

Six iPad2s and an Apple T.V. with educational software and accessories for the Multi-Age classroom at Trombly.  This classroom will be integrating technology into everyday learning through Genius Hour, Project Based Learning, E-pals and multiple educational applications.  The Apple TV will be used for iPad screen mirroring using the SmartBoard.  21st century skills will be enhanced through the use of these technological devices. 

Math Workshop with Project Based Learning – Trombly Elementary ($2,800)

Five iPads and cases to implement “Math Workshop” in a 3rd grade classroom.  This infusion of technology will allow for greater differentiation in math along with targeted instruction.  This will be an extension of the current Everyday Math program and will allow for more effective use of instructional time.

Classroom Technology for 21st Learners - Ferry Elementary ($7,273)

Twelve iPad2s, cases and recharging cabinet for the 5th grade at Ferry.  The students will be using this technology across the curriculum to research, present and communicate their learning.  The goal is for them to become self-directed learners via this technology.

Elementary School Homework Club – Defer, Ferry, Mason, Poupard and Trombly Elementary ($19,968)

After-school teacher pay for the existing Homework Club program in all five of our Focus elementary school buildings. Homework Club supports the daily curriculum by supplying systematic reinforcement of skills covered during the school day by a trained professional.  Students that are identified as having the greatest need will be personally invited to attend and there will be a home to school communication component to keep families informed of progress.

SPARK Technology in Science _ Brownell Middle School ($7,873)

Nine PASCO SPARK mobile devices which will be used to measure data in lab group experiments for middle school science classes.  This will be a piloted science technology program to possibly expand to the other two middle schools.  SPARK learning system is an all-in-one device that is compatible with the SmartBoard and computers in the classroom.

 “WEB” Where Everyone Belongs – Parcells Middle School ($4,600)

Training for two counselors in a middle school orientation and transition program that welcomes incoming students led by trained 8th grade mentors.  WEB is the middle school program fashioned after the LINK high school program.  This program will encourage positive relationships in and out of the classroom as well as strengthening the school culture by increasing safety and reducing incidents of bullying.

Digital Photography Equipment for District Middle School Art Department ($3,360)

Three Canon EOS Rebel digital cameras with cases, tripods and light kits to be used in all three middle school art departments.  The equipment will help capture high quality digital photographs of students’ artwork for their online digital portfolios and submissions to the Scholastic Art Awards competitions.

Solar Car Team - GP South High ($3,000)

Building equipment for a student-run engineering team that cooperatively will design and build a solar car to be raced in the 2014 Dell-Winston School Solar Car Challenge.  One goal of this team is to provide an outlet for all young, interested engineers.  Each team member will come away with a much better understanding of mechanics and a greatly refined set of problem solving and innovative skills.

 Night Sky Enhancement Project - GP North High ($400)

SkiFi wireless telescope controller, accessories and video display monitor for outside night sky viewing.  Astronomy and Earth Science students will be able to observe special events in the night sky making their studies in the classroom more real and relevant.

 Rundown Creator and iPads for Producers and Talent - GP North High ($2,314)

Four iPads and the Rundown Creator software to help broadcast journalism students create announcements for the Norsemen News with current time-saving technology.  Students will use this equipment to update the script and instantly share the updates with computer graphics, teleprompter and producer which in turn will greatly improve work flow.

 iPad & Apple TV Pilot – Brownell, Parcells Middle School and GP South High ($3,300)

Four iPad minis and four Apple TVs with accessories for middle school teacher pilots as well as 10 more Apple TVs with connectors for high school pilots.  This equipment will allow the teacher to teach from anywhere in the classroom using wireless features and SmartBoards.  The teaching and the learning will become more interactive as the iPad can be passed to students to take control working apps, answering questions and sharing ideas.  This enhances the collaborative, creative and communicative aspects of classroom instruction.

The Gearheads -Team 1189 - GP North and GP South High ($3,000)

Materials, parts and machinery maintenance for the team building of their 2104 robot.  This team will compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition where the students design, build and debug a robot to compete in regional and international competitions.  This program gives students additional science, communication and critical thinking skills outside of the classroom setting.

Think Through Math – Defer and Mason Elementray ($3,595)

Online elementary math program for identified struggling learners to deepen math understanding and skill proficiency.  Individualized assessment and personalized lesson pathways will be monitored by the teacher.  Includes online live teacher support for practice at home.

Adaptive P.E. Equipment Kerby, Maire, Richard and Trombly Elementary ($6,400)

Special physical education equipment to be used with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) students at the elementary level.  ASD students need sensory stimulation to improve motor development as well as behavior in the classroom.  This equipment will be used to meet those needs by four elementary trained P.E. teachers.

Kindergarten iPad Applications for LA and Math - Mason Elementary($500)

Eight different iPad applications which will specifically focus on building Language Arts and Math skills for Kindergarteners.  These specific iPad applications will be downloaded on Mason’s previously purchased iPads to be used in small group instruction.

Enhancing iPad Use for Small Group Reading Instruction – Defer, Ferry, Kerby, Monteith, Poupard and Trombly Elementary ($600)

Six Apple TVs to be used by the elementary reading specialists for whole group instruction.  These devices will greatly enhance the utility of the previously GPFPE purchased iPads for each elementary reading specialists by connecting them wirelessly to their Smart Boards.

Scholastic Comprehension Book Club - Richard Elementary ($7,999)

Complete multi-level set of Fountas and Pinnell Comprehension Club book kits to enhance the district Reader’s Workshop program and the Tattum FAST reading program.  These kits are non-consumable and will foster comprehension skills in small differentiated groups meeting the varied needs of students.

STEM Resources for Computer Classes - Brownell Middle School ($6,183)

Three MacBook Pro laptop computers and an Apple TV to be used in computer classes at Brownell.  With these new laptops, students will be able to do higher level STEM projects in class and display their final products on the classroom Smart Board.

Making Middle School Libraries MULTI-Media Centers Brownell, Parcells, and Pierce Middle Schools ($30,000)

86 iPad minis with insurance, extra battery power and detachable Bluetooth keyboards turning the middle school libraries into technology centers for each building.  This equipment will allow the media specialist to host entire classes for research skill lessons as well as letting other teachers create new opportunities for their students.  Submitted by Amanda Pata

Explore Learning Gizmo Library - Parcells Middle School ($1,797)

One Full Learning Gizmo Access (licensed software) per grade level with teacher and student access in the computer lab.  This award winning, research-validated library of science “Gizmos” brings science to life for students and encourages deeper understanding.

Student-Centered Practice Blogs – Brownell and Parcells Middle School and GP North High ($691)

An iPad Air along with an Apple TV that will be used for “practice blog” projects in the high school orchestra program.  These two teaching tools will be used along with the existing Smart Board to provide a wealth of musical resources to students as well as act as a recording device for rehearsals to improve quality of instruction.

Photojournalism Equipment – GP North High ($3,000)

Advanced D-SLR camera and photography equipment for the high school journalism program.  This will improve the quality of photos for North’s award winning newspaper, website and yearbook as well as give the photojournalism students experience with current technology.

Leadership Studies/Freshman Assist – GP North High ($2,500)

Mentor leadership training, summer “Step Up” camp for incoming freshmen and various experiential learning opportunities for both the mentors and the identified freshmen. This program provides a multi-faceted support system for North’s most struggling learners. It keeps class sizes small and integrates a mentoring program using peer role modeling.

Cameras for Today’s Journalists – GP South High ($3,000)

Advanced Nikon cameras and lenses for the high school journalism program.  This will improve the quality of photos for South’s award winning newspaper, website and yearbook as well as give the photojournalism students experience with current technology.

Content Subscriptions for Nook and Covers – GP  South High($2,813)

Online subscriptions to both the New York Times and The Wall Street Journal for their existing class-set of Nook tablets as well as protective cases for these tablets.  Students will be able to read current content digitally that will expose them to critical events happening in the world while broadening their perspectives.