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Caught in the Act of Giving Back

“Caught in the Act of Giving Back,” was founded by the Grosse Pointe Foundation for Public Education in 2015 in order to recognize student volunteer projects within the district. The intent of this program is to reinforce the importance of giving back to others and to inspire our students to become actively engaged in doing so. The organization that is the primary beneficiary of the winning students’ volunteer efforts receives a financial award.

Entries are submitted by building administrators and the intent is to consider entries in three categories – elementary, middle school and high school, with a winner selected at each level. The level to which the project demonstrated leadership, a commitment to volunteerism, giving back, and community impact were the primary considerations when identifying the project that received recognition this year.

Funding for this program in perpetuity is made possible by the Anne R. Hudson Endowment Fund of the GPFPE, held at the Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan.

2016 Awardees

The 2016 award recipients were honored at the May 23, 2016 Board of Education meeting.

This year’s runners-up:

 “Kids Helping Kids – Warm Hearts”, originating at Defer Elementary

 “The Flint Water Crisis”, originating at Poupard Elementary

 “Animals in Need”, originating at Poupard Elementary

The beneficiary organization of these school programs received gifts ranging from $50-$250.

This year’s winner:

“Socktober”, originating at Trombly Elementary. Started in response to a visit to Trombly by “Kid President”, (aka Robby Novak). During the visit, Kid President challenged the students to make the world a better place by being more “awesomer”. Susan Howey’s 4th-grade class took this challenge seriously and made the decision to collect socks for the homeless during the month of October. The project was called “Socktober”. The class set a goal of collecting 219 pairs of socks to be donated to a local homeless shelter. Led by 23 students in the class, the drive ultimately involved the other 247 students at Trombly. The students used social media to extend the drive well beyond the borders of Grosse Pointe, Detroit, and even Michigan. In the end, 1,002 pairs of new socks were collected and donated to Crossroads.

As the beneficiary of Trombly’s efforts, Crossroads received a $500 award to further advance and support their work.