GPFPE Primary Goals

1. Focused Community Awareness

  • In 2006, the GPFPE received its 501(c)(3) status, held a strategic planning session and assigned responsibility for achieving its key goals among several subcommittees (administration, alumni, development, finance and marketing).
  • In 2007, the GPFPE board held events and meetings with financial planners, chamber of commerce members, the board of realtors and local philanthropists.
  • Efforts in 2008 have added focus on recruitment of additional board and subcommittee members and volunteers who will help spread the word of our mission and our success throughout the community.

2. Alumni Effort

  • Several direct mail pieces have been developed and piloted with specific classes.
  • Classes holding reunions have made GPFPE materials available both at events and in their preparatory and follow-up mailings.

3. Major Gifts

  • The Foundation’s volunteer development committee successfully matched district needs with the specific interests of select donors.
  • With a proven track record of funding successful projects tied to the district’s strategic plan, initial gifts are now being matched by individuals who have heard of the Foundation’s good work.
  • Second, larger gifts were received from original donors who were pleased with the impact of their first donations.